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Case Study 1

Celebrity client was being threatened on her cell phone via multiple calls and texts from numerous phone numbers.

Client’s request for help from law enforcement met with no support. COJ was retained to identify the culprit(s) and to help stop the threats. COJ conducted a sting operation with client creating a honeypot phone to get interest from possible suspects. COJ also conducted an online investigation and identified calls coming from numerous untraceable voice over IP phone lines. Working closely with host companies, COJ identified that source data and region and brought case to law enforcement to pursue further action. Culprit was identified, threats were stopped.



Case Study 2

High-net worth who works with celebrities had instinctive feeling that she was being stalked physically and online.

Law enforcement felt client was being paranoid. COJ used off-duty SWAT team police officers to conduct surveillance on client’s home and neighborhood. COJ also investigated all of client’s online devices – laptops, iPhones, and wireless networks – as well as emails. COJ identified anomalous log-ins connecting to client’s devices and information. COJ also verified night-time casing of client’s home by unknown identified suspect in unmarked black SUV. Through legal action and in partnership with law enforcement, COJ confirmed identity of suspect and brought suspect to justice.

Case Study 3

High profile national news producer was accused by IRS of filing false tax returns resulting in full freeze of client’s bank accounts.

COJ worked with client to prevent future issues by removing publicly available personal information about client and client’s family from online date aggregators. IRS investigation was also dismissed.



Case Study 4

Attorney client was being harassed by unknown perpetrator who was posting 'fake' pornographic images of client online.

COJ worked with client to identify various sites that were posting images and get them removed.  COJ also investigated further and identified source of images and sites hosting source images.  COJ identified that a person from client’s past had a vendetta against client.  COJ continues to protect client.

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