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Center for Online Justice

Trust your instincts. This is as true online as it is offline.

Do you get the feeling you’re getting cyber-stalked?

Are you being harassed online or bullied?

Have you gotten your private images stolen and posted?

Is someone imitating you online? Has your identity been stolen?

Whether you’re Jane or John Doe, talent, high net worth, or in the public’s eye, the Center for Online Justice is here to protect you.  We specialize in helping you prevent these types of challenges, identifying culprits, and bringing them to justice.  Most of these attacks are perpetrated by criminals or even someone you know because they think they can get away with it.  They hide behind computer screens and pseudonyms.  Law enforcement doesn’t always know what to do nor has the resources to properly assist you.  Your personal and business lawyers don’t have the skills or experience.



At the Center for Online Justice

We have the know how and experience to take away the veil of anonymity, to identify and bring to justice those who would cause you, or your business harm.  With more than two decades of expertise serving corporations, governments and high-profile individuals globally with cyber security and intelligence, we understand that people in the public eye require a unique set of services to protect their personal, physical, and online well-being, and their businesses and assets.

Cyber Guardian

In today’s networked culture, corporations, celebrities, and high-net worth individuals are highly valuable targets for cyber criminals. And so is anyone who lives in a digital world – all of us.

Led by cyber security expert Hemu Nigam and former Navy SEAL Lew Knopp, the Center for Online Justice (“COJ”) provides online and physical protection for 360-degree safety.  Our team includes experts in the areas of hacking, surveillance/counter-surveillance, legal, and special operations, technical posturing, forensic investigations, social intelligence, crisis PR, government relations, .

At COJ, we also understand that although you might be in the public eye, this doesn’t mean that your business or personal information should be accessible or available to the public. We defend this right to privacy, staying one step ahead as the cyber world evolves, and guiding clients with confidentiality and discretion.

We are

Your Cyber Guardian

Our Services

What We Do

Physical and Online Services

COJ specializes in the areas of online entertainment, social media, asset and privacy protection, harassment and stalking, private investigation, fraud, hacking, network security, and registered

Privacy Protection

Keeping Information & Assets Confidential: Studios, production companies, CEO’s, and talent all play a public role, making trade secrets, personal information, and photos valuable to intruders.

Harassment & Stalking

Keeping Talent & Executives Safe: Cyber-stalking from fans, haters, or the mentally ill is one of the fastest-growing threats to celebrities and company figureheads, and can escalate quickly into physical danger.

Private Investigation

When it comes to investigating threatening activity, discretion plays a key role in uncovering the source. It takes a combination of technological and forensic expertise to identify the source of data leaks, bullying…

Anti-Hacking & Network Security

Hacks designed for the Arts & Entertainment Industry often include seizing data, website and email takeovers, leaks, unauthorized charges, and system failure. Networks, websites, source code, emails …

Talent & Family Training

Personal Safety: CEO’s, celebrities, their handlers, and even their family members are a high-value target for cyber predators. Since every individual uses the cyber world differently in both their public and private lives

Social Media

Securing Your Social Media Presence: Social media is one of the most vulnerable points of access for the Arts & Entertainment Industry. It is a playground for cyber predators, hackers, impersonators, and stalkers

Registered Sex Offender protection

COJ’s Registered Sex Offender Search & Analysis Solution: It is critical for corporations, staff, and talent to have the ability to identify and be aware of registered sex offenders (RSO’s), onsite or on-location.

Meet Our Leaders


Lew Knopp is a proud American, former United States Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, actor, producer and CEO of a multi-disciplinary global risk management and specialty services firm entitled Templar Titan, Inc.
Hemanshu “Hemu” Nigam has worked inside the largest prosecuting agencies, software companies, media and entertainment giants, and most influential trade associations in the world.


Case Studies 1 - 4

Case study 1

Celebrity client was being threatened on her cell phone via multiple calls and texts from numerous phone numbers. Client’s request for help from law enforcement met with no support.

Case study 4

Real estate broker who works with celebrity clients had an instinctive feeling that she was being stalked physically and online. Law enforcement felt client was being paranoid.

Case study 2

Case study no. 2 is a high-net worth who works with celebrities had instinctive feeling that she was being stalked physically and online. Law enforcement felt client was being paranoid.

Case study 3

High profile national news producer was accused by IRS of filing false tax returns resulting in full freeze of client’s bank accounts. COJ identified client was victim of online identity theft and fraud.